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Monday, June 15, 2009

Decent Clothing (Article For Muslims)


Alhamdulillah, clothes are one of the greatest gifts of Allaah bestowed upon humans. But are we considerate enough to know whether we are taking care of our gifts? So, being in your home, just spend few minutes to look around you and sense the reality. Observe the clothing worn by the male members of your family, viz, father, brother, husband, son, etc. And then observe the clothing worn by the female members of your family, viz, mother, sister, wife, daughter, etc. At first glance, nothing looks special. So, try to make a note of what clothes are generally worn by these immediate members of your family.

(Considering the dressing trends of an Indian family.)

Men:Shirt-Pants, T-Shirt-Jeans, Kurta-Pyjama, Punjabi Suit, Sherwani, Blazer, etc.

Women:Saree-Blouse, Salwar-Kameez, Frock, Maxi (Nighty), Skirt, Burqa, etc.

If you observe more, you can see that most of the clothes worn by men have collar, full sleeves, loose fitting, thick material, etc. But similarly, if you observe women’s clothes, you can find the following:

Saree:1.Tight enough to show the figure of a woman, especially from the back.
2.If a woman is climbing a high step, the legs above the feet become visible.
3.Since it is generally thin, it can't hide the parts which are uncovered by a blouse; and it can't fully cover the hair too.

Blouse:1.Doesn't have a collar. So, complete neck and the chest (including some private part of chest) is very much visible.
2.The design of the neck is so broad that the back is completely open; and shoulders, backbone, etc are all clearly on display.
3.Doesn't have full sleeves; so arm, elbow and forearm can be seen.
4.Length is too short. Hence, the belly, navel, waist, back and some part of hips, etc are visible.
5.Generally thin and transparent in such a way that the inner garment (bra, etc) is clearly visible. And similarly the visibility of the skin-color and skin-folds is obvious.

Salwar:1.It is so thin that, if viewed, the shape of the legs is easily visible thru the garment. And if a woman stands in a bright place, the legs can be completely seen very clearly.

Dupatta:1.Very-very thin. Doesn't serve the purpose of hiding any body parts when spread. But it is used just as a matching piece of cloth with the complete dress.
2.And most of the times, it hangs only near the throat leaving the upper chest open.

Tight Leggings: 1.The new and easy way of dressing is the tight and CHEAP leggings, over a CHEAP kurti with long slits.
2.Its tightness shows the complete figure of the legs, if the top doesn't cover the legs. It is as good as showing 'colored legs'.

Burqa:1.Although the Burqa is supposed to cover everything, including the colors, shine, designs of the clothes, jewellery, etc, it is not doing so. Recent trends in burqas have shown that burqas are available in very attractive patterns, actually more than the regular clothes. Instead of covering the shine of the clothes, burqas themselves are shiny with colorful and shining designs, patterns over it.
2.Another new trend in Burqas is the transparency. Nowadays, the burqas have some part cut-off from them as a design, or instead a net is used instead of cloth. So, from this part, the clothes worn inside are displayed. And if the clothes are not covering this part, then this skin is visible to others, even after wearing the burqa.
3.Some women wear the Scarf of the Burqa in such a way that it covers only the ears. The face is open. The scarf is not big enough, so the hair are visible from back, and the hair on the forehead. Moreover, since it is short, it displays the figure of the chest, and some skin between chest and throat is also visible.

So, one or the other similar properties can be observed in other dresses too of the females. Any of these dresses hardly have the collar like that of what men wear.

Sense of good and bad:It is amazing to know that we hardly know what is haraam and what is halaal. Although we say that women should be modest, we never notice anything wrong with our own women, since we have lost this sense of good and bad. Even if our mothers are showing their navels through their small blouses, we are not feeling anything wrong in it. Because we are slowly losing our sense. If this continues, the day is not far when Islam is completely lost from our lives.

The Struggle (Jihaad):Finally, we need to conclude that, to make sure we are guarding our households, we need to struggle for it. So, dear brothers and sisters, please make sure of common 4 things especially in an Indian family: Chest, Back, Elbow, Waist. Convey to your women that even the household dress should cover their chest and their back with the help of a collar, the hands must be covered at least till elbow with full sleeves, and the blouses should be long enough to cover the waist, belly and navel. And show them that men are covering more skin than the women, although women are supposed to cover their shame more. Moreover, it should be noted that men would also be questioned by Allaah, about their ignorance towards their women, and why they had not provided sufficient money to buy full covering clothes.

Please make sure that women cover their bodies more than men in your home, and not the vice-versa!!!



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